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Tailored to Insurance, Private Security, and Real Estate companies.
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Package 1 - WOCI Marketing Pro Bundle

  • CRM Installation

  • Contact management
    --Individual contact
    --Company contact
    --International number + Calling system ( Notes, recording and more)
    --Activity tracking and segmentation

  • Conversation management
    --Inbox (mail)
    --Chatflow (website/ messenger)
    --Snippet Creation and template

  • Digital Advertising
    --Meta advertising ( IG, FB, Messenger)
    --Google advertising ( Google Search, Youtube)

  • Email Marketing > 1000 marketing email -> charge more

  • Web development and design

  • Landing pages development and design. 1/month

  • Onsite Search Engine optimization ( Title Tag, H1 tags, 1 blog)

  • Lead capture forms creations and Call-to-action optimization

  • Reputation management/ software
    --Get more reviews
    --Showcase online review
    --Deal with negative review

  • Google search listing, optimization, and management

  • Tracking and measurement / data analysis

  • Graphic design related to the services

  • CRM management
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Package 2 - WOCI Strategic Success Suite

  • All in Package 1 +
  • Social media management 
  • --LinkedIn management ( Posting, engaging, Newsletter creation and --management when possible 1 article/month)
    --Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads management
    --Youtube management
    --Twitter management

  • Campaign management

  • LinkedIn advertising

  • Blogging ( 2 blog/ month)

  • Landing pages development, design and optimization ( 5/month)

  • Sales management
    --Deals Creation
    --Tasks management
    --Documents storage
    --Online payment (Invoices, Payment link, stripe and hubspot integration)
    --Online meeting system
    --Quotes creation
    --Sales enablement assistance

  • Graphic design ( e-book, freebies, poster, brochures, social banners, IG highlights, billboard, posts, and slides preparation)

  • Data Analysis
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Package 3 - WOCI Executive All-In-One Growth

  • All in Packages 1 and 2 +
  • Service management
    --Feedback surveys creation and execution
    --Knowledge base creation and management
    --Customer portal creation and management

  • Automation 
    --Sequences creation and management
    --Workflows creation and management

  • Consultation
    --Sales consultation
    --Marketing consultation
    --Sales enablement consultation and recommendation

Aside our packages, There's More!

Grow Your Revenue Beyond Social Media

  Dive into the strategies that propel your revenue beyond social media. Explore how our expertise transforms engagement into substantial growth. We implement money-driven community for Artists, Influencers and Public figures.

  One common mistake made by Artists, Influencers, and Public Figures is their tendency to focus on fictional metrics such as likes, views, shares, comments, and followers. However, the sad reality is that these metrics cannot be deposited into their bank accounts or written on an employee's check. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't worry, We've Got You Covered. Our "Grow Your Revenue Beyond Social Media Service" is designed to help Artists, Influencers, and Public Figures like you elevate your content creation efforts to new heights.

Here is What You'll Get:

 1) Website & Community

  • A robust Website & a Community  that empowers you to establish a strong online presence.

  • Our community-building service enables you to foster engagement, discussions, and connections among your audience, transforming passive visitors, followers and subscribers into an active and engaged community.

  • No more worries about social media algorithm update, you get a website and a community that you have control over, you can call it your own, simply 'cause it is.

  • You can segment your community into topics and let everyone enjoy what they desire.

  • Direct message community members and live chat.

  • Video sharing with community members.

    2) E-commerce & Branding

    You will be able to Sell Digital products that you create such as:

    - Online courses and give certifications

    - Digital downloads

    - Webinars

    - Coaching programs

    - Bundles

    - Ebooks

    Get more money and not only relying on the monetization of social media platform.

    3) Sales and Marketing Consultation

    • Receive complimentary monthly Marketing Consultation sessions during the initial 3 months of your business and community launch.

    • Gain exclusive access to free Sales Consultation sessions for the first 4 months of your business and community launch.

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