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A bit of our history, a bit of our vision.

Founded by Foila Thomas in April 2013, World of Creativity INC. (WOCI) emerged as a sole proprietorship. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute, Foila envisioned a creative haven—a one-stop-shop for diverse artistic needs. In the early days, WOCI offered Graphic design, photography, event planning, and bespoke invitations. Operating as a one-woman show, Foila faced challenges that led to a brief hiatus.
Returning with fresh perspectives, WOCI underwent a transformative journey in the past year. Graphic design and digital marketing now stand at our core. Chief Marketing Officer Wencheur Antoin leads the charge, steering WOCI into the digital realm. The growing team, now at 5 and counting, reflects our commitment to growth.
Event planning and photography are now fond memories, replaced by a strategic focus on our strengths. WOCI, no longer a solo act, is a collaborative force, fueled by passion and a commitment to exceeding expectations. While handmade creations are on pause, we're exploring the possibility of their return. In the past, WOCI excelled in package designs—a testament to our versatility and commitment to excellence.
At World of Creativity INC., we treasure the unique identity of each client. You're not just a number; you're a valued partner. We delve deep, understanding your struggles and desires, tailoring our services uniquely to you. This personalized approach sets us apart, complemented by our commitment to overdeliver.
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Our Digital Marketing is tailored to serve the Insurance, Real Estate and Private Security industries.

Our Graphic Design services extend beyond insurance, real estate and security companies; they cater to diverse businesses. We specialize in providing brand identity packages tailored for startup companies, additionally, we plan to reintroduce photography in the future. 

Our vision is grand: to offer top-notch marketing services and high-impact graphic design packages. We aspire to become a multimillion-dollar company, creating job opportunities for over 100 individuals.

Join us in this journey of distinction and growth at the World of Creativity.

Meet our amazing team

Picture of Foila Thomas

Foila Thomas

CEO / President

Picture of Wencheur Antoin as Chief Marketing Officer

Wencheur Antoin

Chief Marketing Officer

Roodson Rene Picture as Chief Merchandising Officer

Roodson Rene

Chief Merchandising Officer